Tec Training (GB) Ltd is an approved contractor for Network Rail and TFL, we offer a wide range of training courses for Construction Sites, Network Rail and London Underground. We aim to offer our clients with a one stop solution to meet their training requirements.
We offer packages that help to start your railway career:
Personal Track Safety (PTS) AC & DCCR Including Industry Common Induction (ICI NWR & LU Assessment & E-Learning) Sponsor Registration (Our Dedicated team will connect you to a sponsor) D+A & Medical on completion you will get your passport to work called SENTINEL CARD, all competences will be uploaded there. SENTINEL CARD IS YOUR PASSPORT TO WORK ON RAILWAY AND WILL NEED TO BE PRESENTED ON EVERY SHIFT.
Call for more information.
Traffic Banksman/ Marshall Training Course from £54.00 (Stratford, London) including vat, payment on offers need to be made on advance (Non-refundable)
CURS PENTRU CSCS CARD VERDE-Level 1 award in health and safety in a construction environ


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