Tec Training (GB) Ltd is an approved contractor for Network Rail and TFL, we offer a wide range of training courses for Construction Sites, Network Rail and London Underground. We aim to offer our clients with a one stop solution to meet their training requirements.
We offer packages that help to start your railway career:
Personal Track Safety (PTS) AC & DCCR Including Industry Common Induction (ICI NWR & LU Assessment & E-Learning) Sponsor Registration (Our Dedicated team will connect you to a sponsor) D+A & Medical on completion you will get your passport to work called SENTINEL CARD, all competences will be uploaded there.
Call for more information.
Traffic Banksman/ Marshall Training Course from £54.00 (Stratford, London) including vat, payment on offers need to be made on advance (Non-refundable)
CURS PENTRU CSCS CARD VERDE-Level 1 award in health and safety in a construction environment- £100.00 if you pre-pay or £120.00 on the day.


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